From Principal’s Desk

The world of 21st century is changing at an accelerated scale. It is a challenge for educators to cope with the changing world order and prepare their students for the future. It has rightly been said by Margaret mead that” Children needs to be taught how to think, not what to think.”

MPS has withstood change since its inception in 1983 and carters to the needs and aspirations of the society at large of transferable central government employees in particular. It has always tried to inculcate creativity, critical thinking, innovation, divergent thinking along with proper values of life for its students. The school conducts an array of activities throughout the years bringing out all these skills among children.

This addition of the school magazine “Expression” gives space to imagination and unlocks the thoughts and values of children and staff. It unfolds a wide spectrum of creative skills which includes not only writing and designing but also editing the magazine.

The creativity in children found “Expression” only because of strenuous efforts of the editorial board and the active participation of students, needless to say the committed and supportive management, dedicated and caring staff, cooperative parents who worked in the backdrop to bring out the best in children. With

MS. Sushma Chopra


Ms. Sushma Chopra, Principal Minerva Public School, Assandh
Ms. Sushma Chopra, Principal Minerva Public School, Assandh